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The PDF Forms Designer allows you to "modernize and economize" your existing PBS custom forms.

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The details:

For both field labels and field data you can:

  1. Change the font type, size, color and alignment per field as needed.

  2. Change the text background color.

  3. Add borders of any size around text using any color.

  4. Use a bar code to print the order number and item number for O/E forms.

  5. Uses the standard PBS forms setup to add and remove fields.


For the PDF Win-forms design:

  1. You can add vertical and horizontal lines with different colors and thicknesses.

  2. You can add boxes around text.

  3. You can add multiple graphics per form and place them anywhere on the page.

  4. You may add text and ‘clickable’ links to the PDF file for web addresses or email addresses.

Existing custom form invoice.png
New PDF FD Invoice.png

1. PDF Forms Designer is dynamically building your form as it's printing, so there's no need to align the image with the form text - it's done!

2. The "floating totals" option can reduce paper costs - Instead of showing the totals section on each page, you can select to have it print once at the end of the document. This leaves room for more details or description, too.

3. Works with almost any laser or multi-purpose printer - No special printer codes or set-up are required.

4. All invoice and purchase order forms have an automatically generated PDF file that can be emailed. The PDFs are stored in a digital archive for easy reference or re-sending as needed. The PDF file size is smaller, too.

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