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Year End Reporting Resources

The 2022 Year End update will be available for PBS v.12.06, v.12.07 and v.12.08.


Note: If you're are not already e-filing, you may wish to look into it. The current Federal

e-filing requirement is for companies with 100 or more W-2s, but this requirement is

set to drop to 10 W-2’s for tax year 2022. 
For more info
: Business Services Online (


Don't forget to visit PBS Tips and Tricks for additional year end articles. 

Sample Guidelines and Schedules:

(Note: These are intended as examples, not formal procedural documents.
Please consult your own internal policies to design the appropriate actions
for your company.)


Entering Tax Tables (article) by Peter Dalziel, VP Customer Care

Tax Implications of COVID-19 (article) by Jim Turner, Dir of Training

Month End Maintenance Schedule  (pdf)

Purging Schedule Guide  (pdf)


General Year End Webinars:


Video: 2020 Year End Tips and Topics 1:48:30


Presented on January 19, 2020, by Peter Dalziel, Passport's VP of Customer Care,

this webinar focuses on reviewing and updating the various Federal control values
tax tables, including current values for the Federal tables, a review of entering/
tax tables, as well as a review of the changes involved with the 2020 and
2021 W4 forms 
and their effect on the determination of Federal Withholding.
2021 Tax Table Outline


PBS Year End 2018Introduction and Part 1 6:58

(Note: State tax webinar info has been updated. Correct data is shown on screen)

PBS Year End for PBS Payroll 2018 - Part 2  12:56

PBS Payroll Year End 2018 Reporting - Part 3  14:03

PBS Year End 2018 Reporting - Part 4  16:08

PBS-Based Year End 2018 - Part 5  8:31


Wrapping up the Year in PBS and CashPoint 
presented 12.19.17  and e
dited into 2 parts:

Part l - Software changes related to year end (22:25 mins)

Part II – Year end closing topics (37:00 mins)

ACA Year End Webinars:


New! ACA Filing Tips for 2022 7 Mins

Simplify and Demystify ACA (7 mins)

Passport Software ACA Compliance Management Software - Year End Reporting Review  

presented 12.14.2017


Year End-Related Topics: Guide to Month End Maintenance in PBS - presented 09.10.2014

Purging in PBS - presented 05.07.13

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Creating Test Companies and Archival Companies and Why - presented 01.25.2011

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PBS and CashPoint business and tax forms are available from Trainor Printing & Promotions

Note: The 2022 Year End update will apply to PBS v.12.06, v.12.07 and v.12.08.

Note: Support for Year-end Dot Matrix Printing has ended. If you have been using dot matrix forms, we suggest that you switch to

laser forms and use a laser printer with PCL5 support.

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