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Year End Update and Reporting Resources


The 2023 Year End update is now available for PBS and CashPoint
v.12.08, v.12.07 and v.12.06.

New! January Year End Reporting 2023 Webinar (80 mins) 

Passport Software 2023 Year-End (YE) Updates Overview:

  • Electronic filing is now required for 10 or more combined W-2s/1099s. The YE update
    provides for the creation of a new .csv file format  for electronic filing of 1099s using the
    IRS IRIS (Information Returns Intake System). PBS/CashPoint still produces the text file
    format for the FIRE system (which the IRS plans to phase out.)

  • Enhanced plain paper PDF printing for W-2s.


New W-2 and Payroll and Accounts Payable 1099 Proxy Filing Services

Passport Software, Inc., is now offering Federal W-2 and 1099 proxy filing services
for PBS and CashPoint customers current on the Passport Update Program (PUP).

Passport Software’s proxy filing service includes uploading client-generated
Electronic Filing W-2 (EFW2) files to the IRS Business Services Online (BSO)site with
email notification to the client of acceptance.

This service is Federal filing only – not for individual state filing, and does not include
printed hard copy forms.

Passport will also submit to the Social Security Administration for Social Security Number
Verification Services (SSNVS)


Form W-2c submissions are billable at current hourly support rates.

Should you have any questi
ons, comments or need to learn more about any of the topics above,
please contact your Passport Partner. Not sure who to call? Contact Marti Walt - 800.969.7900 x103

Read our latest blog: Electronic 1099 MISC/NEC Filing for 2023 with the IRIS Portal


For more info: Business Services Online (


Additional Year-end Resources

Sample Guidelines and Schedules:

(Note: These are intended as examples, not formal procedural documents.
Please consult your own internal policies to design the appropriate actions
for your company.)


Entering Tax Tables (article) by Peter Dalziel, VP Customer Care

Tax Implications of COVID-19 (article) by Jim Turner, Dir of Training

Month End Maintenance Schedule  (pdf)

Purging Schedule Guide  (pdf)  (See below for Purging video series)

Fraud Prevention Checklist (pdf) (See below for Fraud Prevention video series)

Don't forget to visit PBS Tips and Tricks for additional year end articles. 


General Year End Webinars:


2020 Year End Tips and Topics 1:48:30

Agenda (pdf)

Presented on January 19, 2021, by Peter Dalziel, Passport's VP of Customer Care,

this webinar focuses on reviewing and updating the various Federal control values
and tax tables, including current values for the Federal tables, a review of entering/
updating tax tables, as well as a review of the changes involved with the 2020 and
2021 W4 forms and their effect on the determination of Federal Withholding.


PBS Year End 2018  
Introduction and Part 1 (6:58 mins)

(Note: State tax webinar info has been updated. Correct data is shown on screen)

PBS Year End for PBS: Payroll 2018 - Part 2  (12:56 mins)

PBS Payroll Year End 2018: Reporting - Part 3  (14:03 mins)

PBS Year End 2018: Reporting - Part 4  (16:08 mins)

PBS-Based Year End 2018 - Part 5  (8:31mins)


Wrapping up the Year in PBS and CashPoint 
presented 12.19.17  and edited into 2 parts:

Part l - Software changes related to year end (22:25 mins)

Part II – Year end closing topics (37:00 mins)

ACA Year End Webinars:


ACA Filing Tips for 2022 (7 Mins)

Simplify and Demystify ACA (7 mins)

Year End-Related Topics: 
         Month End Maintenance in PBS - presented 09.10.2014

Purging in PBS - presented 05.07.13

Introduction (7:14 mins)

Why Purge? (8:40 mins)

Purging Overview and Q&A (68 mins)

Purging Schedule Guide  (pdf) referenced in the Purging video series.

Creating an Archive Company in PBS Originally presented 1.25.2011

Creating Test Companies and Archival Companies and Why (58 mins)

(There is a several second delay in the beginning of the video)

Fraud Prevention Tips - Guest Session by Kwiat Financial Services

​​Fraud 101 - Introduction (4:17 mins)

1st Case (3:58 mins)

2nd Case (17:28 mins)

3rd Case (7:03 mins) 

Q & A (5:26)

The Desk (5:42 mins)

Closing (1:45 mins)

Fraud Prevention Checklist (pdf)

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