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Reporting in PBS and Cashpoint

Why Reporting? In a word - Data. To be able to access and display data in new ways and then to filter and sort that data can reveal important insights about your business. Now you can go beyond standard reporting to create your unique reports. PBS SQL or PBS with an installation of AcuXDBC* opens up access to your PBS data so you can design the reports you need. 

Reporting Training:

(We recommend watching these videos in sequence.)

Creating Basic Excel Queries and Linking Multiple Tables

Data access and connectivity is what allows you to transform your business data into reports that speaks specifically about your company and your business like never before. See more in this video.

Creating Pivot Tables

Pivot Tables provide an eye-catching way to display the exciting new reporting results available to PBS SQL and PBS "Standard" with an installation of AcuXDBC customers.

(Note: State tax info has been updated and correct data is shown on screen)

Adding Slicers to Pivot Tables

With "Slicers", filtering a pivot table is as easy as clicking a button! Slicers will help you expand and control what data you display in your pivot tables.

New! Locating Microsoft Query (1:31 mins)

In April, Microsoft moved Microsoft Query. This is the simple tool for creating basic queries in Excel that Ian has been teaching for years. We believe the idea was to encourage folks to move to Power Query which is far more powerful, but also far more complicated for building out simple queries. They didn’t remove the Microsoft Query tool, they simply removed it from the menu. This video shows you how to get it back.

* AcuXDBC is an add-on tool that enables users of popular Microsoft Office applications such as Access and Excel as well as Crystal Reports to access  and display their PBS data. For more information, please contact your Passport Partner, or Passport Software at 800-969-7900 x103.

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