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Accounting Basics - A Review Video Series

Originally presented as an informal review of Accounting basics, the content met with such interest, we have provided it here for our customers and visitors. Offered by Peter Dalziel April 30, 2021.

Download the Accounting Basics Summary (PDF)

New! Download the Putnos Importantes de Contabilidad Basic (PDF). Translation provided by Jessica Hernandez, Administrative Assistant.

Accounting Basics - Part 1 (15:41)

  • Debits and Credits

  • A Corporation As A "Container" 

  • Chart of Account Overview

  • Year-End

  • Sample Chart of Accounts

Accounting Basics - Part 2 (10:29)

  • Sample Chart of Accounts - Logic and Flow of Account Numbers

  • Accrual - 2 Useful Applications

Accounting Basics - Part 3 (~17:00)

  • Examples using a T-Bar chart


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