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"I can recommend Passport PBS SQL for anyone who needs an easy to use accounting system and wants the flexibility of custom reporting capabilities of SQL." – Customer Testimonial


PBS SQL Training Is Here!


In a word - Data Access. Having the ability to access and collect fields of data into a single report and then to filter and sort that data as you wish can reveal important insights about your business, empowering better decisions and planning.

Getting started:

1. How to Set Up a DSN for PBS SQL (8 mins)

A DSN is a Data Source Name that is used to refer back to the database for external reporting. 


2. Locating Microsoft Query (1:31 mins)

In April, Microsoft moved Microsoft Query. This is the simple tool for creating basic queries in Excel that Ian has been teaching for years. We believe the idea was to encourage folks to move to Power Query which is far more powerful, but also far more complicated for building out simple queries. They didn’t remove the Microsoft Query tool, they simply removed it from the menu. This video shows you how to get it back.


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