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Here are links to recent Passport Webinar recordings:


Reporting Done Your Way!

Let us inspire you! We’ll create some sample reports using PBS/CashPoint data and commonly available tools like Excel and Access.

Passport's Tips & Tricks Series

T & T #1

Getting the most out of PBS's graphical user interface.

T & T #2

Getting the most out of PBS's graphical user interface - continued, including Contextual Help - quick and easy access to help from right where you're working in PBS.

T & T #3

Printing to Disk and Where it Goes From There.

A review of printing to disk with discussion of Journal numbers, audits and other tracing functions.

T & T #4

Printing to Disk (continued)

This is the second of 2 important printing-related Tips and Tricks webinars. A review of printing moving toward the concept of “printing” as creating documents which are useful in a number of ways. 

Document Management 

Document Management for PBS and CashPoint - PBS eDocs!

Storing electronic versions of important documents makes locating critical records easy and efficient. PBS eDocs is fully integrated and will help you save time and work more efficiently.

In addition to invoices and statements, many other types of content may be scanned and stored, i.e., contracts, emails with attachments, purchase orders and more. Records can be emailed or printed as needed.

Presented by Ian Creswell, Passport's Technology Ambassador.


Is PBS Manufacturing Right for You?

A thoughtful review of key points to consider when choosing a Manufacturing business system.

An Introduction to PBS Manufacturing (coming soon)

  • Improve visibility of your entire operation

  • Track and control inventory and purchasing

  • Manage scheduling more profitably

  • Provide personnel with the tools they need to increase efficiency



* CashPoint is Passport's integrated accounting solution for NCR Counterpoint.AcuXDBC is an add-on tool that enables users of popular Microsoft Office applications such as Access and Excel as well as Crystal Reports to access and display their PBS data. For more information, please contact your Passport Partner, or Passport Software at 800-969-7900 x103.


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