Does your company need to support employees working on PBS from home or other remote locations?

Passport’s work from home technology can provide your remote or home-bound employees with secure access to the PBS in your office.

Passport’s remote access technology can significantly improve processing speed because most of the work is done directly on the powerful server in your office. When employees work in the office, most processing is done on their work stations, which generally do not have the speed and capacity servers do.

Data entry updates more quickly, accessing Lookups, running reports, even on large files, and printing large reports to disk are all faster.

An additional benefit - If your company has PBS running on a Linux server, remote users with Windows desktops can take full advantage of the PBS Windows graphical functionality. Point-and-click options, graphical toolbar, Windows printing, GUI Lookups, GUI Menus, and more – all these options become available for PBS users using Windows workstations.

Even if your employees are running on older workstations at home – they can use this work from home technology, no super-speed, high-memory client workstation system is required.

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