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PBS System Level Training

Company File Setup

The company file defines how you will use PBS to manage your business. Learn how to set up the company information, the first step in implementing PBS.

Setting up Menus and Users in PBS

Create users, passwords and manage user level access. Learn how to set up these important controls.


How to Use the User-Specific Company Printers in PBS

Each user can have a list of mapped printers specific to them beginning in V12.08. See how to set those up to reduce reliance on "company printers".

Navigating PBS and Using Lookups

Learn how to efficiently navigate in PBS and how to use the lookups to quickly find data.


Printing Reports from Disk

Printing reports to disk establishes the ultimate audit trail when it comes to posting journals. Other reports may be printed to disk for retention as well. Learn to locate this repository, review the reports and even re-print them in this video.

Improve Efficiency with Options Menus

Leverage the Options menus to improve your overall efficiency and system flow. This video will show you how.


In the PBS Classic user interface, Breakout is used to set defaults for fields to reduce keystrokes and save timeThis video will show you how.


In the PBS Graphical user interface, use MySet to save keystrokes and time by setting defaults for certain fields, look ups and other areas.


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