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Tips and Tricks #7 - Protected Reports

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PBS Tips and Tricks #7 – Protected Reports

In this segment of Tips and Tricks we will show how custom menus can also be used to control who can see what printed-to-disk reports.

For example, what stops a non-payroll person from taking a look at saved (Print-to-Disk –P2D) payroll reports?


Protect Reports


What good is the security system in PBS if although locking people out of screens and applications, it still allows those people to see the reports produced by the very applications they are not allowed to use? This security system is not doing its job if a person who is not allowed to see Payroll or General Ledger reports can simply wait until an authorized person runs a report for the weekly payroll and prints it to disk, after which the unauthorized person can see it in the Print-reports-from-disk function and displays or prints it.

There is a feature in PBS that is controlled in the Company Information data to exclude people from seeing any reports that they themselves are prohibited from producing.  With this function turned on if you can’t run the report (because your menu setup prohibits it), then you aren’t allowed to see it. The feature is turned on as seen below:

















This is how this works:

  1. Ensure the people to be excluded from seeing particular reports have a PBS login that is “General” not “Administrator”. (Administrators have full rights so you can’t restrict what they can do or see.)

  2. Further, they must have a (custom) menu setup that applies to them (as individuals or as a member of a group).

  3. This custom menu must exclude them from access to the screens/functions within PBS that produce the report to be restricted. For example, if you don’t want them to run any Payroll reports turn off access to running all Payroll Reports or deny them access to Payroll in general. If you want them to be able to list the Chart of Accounts in GL but not see the Trial Balance turn off their access to the run Trial Balance in the custom menu setup leaving other reports in the same menu enabled.


Here is an example for user Nancy:

This is her user setup in Setup Users:

By going into her user setup you see she is a General User. Clicking on User menus show that for all companies in this PBS system she is governed by the NOPRGL menu. The custom menu, “no PR or GL” shown here indicates that she has full access to AP (all items asterisked), partial access to the functions in the CTL menu and just the ability to print a Chart of Accounts in the GL/Lists Menu.



























If you were an Administrative user or a general user with full access, going into Print Reports from Disk would show something like this:



Notice here that there are CTL reports (Cost Centers, Valid GL Account List), a GL Chart of Accounts and a Trial Balance plus a number of Financial Statements.

If we have Nancy look at the Print to Disk menu in the same way this is what she sees:









The only items she can see and print are functions explicitly assigned to her in the above menu selections.

Access to PDF forms is controlled by disallowing the user access to the PDF form file processing (in the CTL main menu).

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