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Tips and Tricks #10 - What version am I on?

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How can you determine what version of Passport Business Solutions or CashPoint  you are running, or provide license information and a list of modules, without interrupting what you are doing?

For example, this can happen when needing support and you are in the middle of a big batch of AP Vendor Invoices. You would prefer not to get interrupted but of course, as luck would have it, they call right at that moment and you need to take the call…

The first thing support is likely to ask is “what is the version of the software you are on?”  Rather than closing the batch and logging out of PBS to locate this information, you simply do the following:


  • Click on the Help function at the top of the screen in the Windows type drop-down menus:


  • Select PBS Version control

You will see something similar to the following (depending on the actual version you have):


This is a scroll-able screen displaying all of the version numbers/applications licensed.

Other useful information that this Help screen includes is ‘PBS License’ information and dates. The screen below  gives you a list of all of the modules licensed:

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TT#10 What Version Image 1 (3).png
TT#10 What Version Image 2 (2).png
TT#10 What Version Image 3 (2).png
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