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Tips and Tricks #3 - System Features you want to know about

(Download PDF)

Important changes to the PDF and Browser Displays

Starting with v.12.04, Help as well as all PDFs are displayed by having PBS call the workstation's local, default browser (Chrome, Explorer, Firefox etc.), or default PDF reader (Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader etc.).

This means two things:

First, whatever adjustments you have made to your browser or PDF reader to make things easier to read will apply to the way Help and PDF documents are displayed. No more re-adjusting needed.

Secondly, and possibly more important, the display can remain open, available and useful even after you have returned to PBS.

For example, if you print a report to PDF you can keep it open and use the information in the report as a reference for data entry or research after going back into PBS. Similarly, the Help functions described in other upcoming Tips and Tricks can be opened and remain open for reference to guide data entry as you are working in PBS.

Help function and PDF's display on more modern devices

Starting with v.12.05, Help and PDFs are supported on more modern display devices including cell phones and tablets. As PBS Mobility and other PBS products are increasingly used on mobile devices, it may become useful to have the Help functions or a PDF PBS user manual on a tablet available as a ready resource.

Here is a standard Help screen for Vendor entry display on a Windows screen (PBS v.12.06):








Here is the same screen displayed on an Android cell phone:









Reformatting for the narrow screen has wrapped the information correctly to keep the same relative sized fonts and colors. Clearly the narrow screen of a cell phone is not optimal for reading a document like this and a tablet would be better, but it does show the flexibility of this new version.

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TT3 Help Screen Display.png
TT3 Help Screen Device Display.png
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