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Tips and Tricks #1 - Graphical Interface 

 Little known features of the user interface 

 (Download PDF)

Not sure about using the mouse all of the time or don't like moving your hands off the keyboard?


While in the graphical screens many functions may be accessed using the Alt-first-letter keyboard combo. Many of these functions show themselves with the Alt-letter underlined. For example, new transaction: enter Alt-N; Save transaction or Save/New: enter Alt-S or Alt-W.


In addition, the Windows style menu items at the top of the screen (File, View, Options etc.) are all accessible via the Alt-first-letter convention e.g. File or View: Alt-F or Alt-V.


Some fields within the entry screen itself also have Alt-x functionality. For example, in the AP voucher entry screen both the 'Proximo terms' toggle, the 'Correcting Entry' toggle and the 'Assign memo' toggle can be turned on/off with Alt-p, Alt-o, Alt-m.


Also keep in mind that for any of the drop-down fields like:


You can cycle through the entries in the list simply by using the up and down arrow - no mouse required.

Also, any of the check-off fields may be toggled on/off from the keyboard by using the space bar. For example, in AP print checks, the field 'Include ACH vendors?'



can be turned on




simply by touching the space bar.

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TT1 ACH Vendor image.jpg
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